Get after it

Yesterday was gorgeous- one of those days you wish for all summer in Texas. And Nerf guns are one of the few toys my 9 year old still considers cool. So we lined up every gun and all 5 went to war, complete with bases and rules of engagement. Now Nerf guns are not like they used to be- these babies draw blood and could blow up small countries. Maybe not that violent but as you can see above- this was not child's play. I actually felt nervous and when I got hit- it did sting and I actually wanted to retaliate against the small people that I brought onto this planet. It was really quite disturbing and totally exhilarating at the same time.

Something in me wants to fight and yet I am a little aimless. I've seen a lot of junk lately- junk in people's souls, junk in their circumstances, junk in their past, and then junk in a place called Africa. I'm like the energizer bunny that is stuck against a wall, hitting it over and over and over again, so moved and yet frustrated as to what exactly to do.

I looked up the words "Jesus went" and nearly every chapter in all 4 gospels has those words... "Jesus went" Jesus going to people. We must consider that waiting to see who we see is going to limit God using us.

So in an effort to move away from the wall I want to go and get some exposure to need around me and seek out ways to fight for people around me in this city. Then I am starting my "get after it" club/ earlier known as the "I am sick of sitting on my boohiney and reading blogs about people getting after it and changing their worlds and being moved and doing nothing" club. You in? And where should I go?