Giving Empty

How do you give when you are empty?

How do you write when you have nothing to say?

These are the questions I have regularly been facing, after a monumental writing season, producing multiple projects. I faced the fact, I may have said all I have to say and on top of that I am tired and flat empty. My thoughts aren't working right. They move slow and awkwardly.

Today I had to write some little snippet for something. I had nothing. Zip.

I also had to make a heck of a lot of breakfasts and lunches without my coffee yet. Much more trying than typing out something meaningful.

So I opened the word and it poured out on me. Like taking the cap off of a fire hydrant. God reminded me. I am not a well with a bottom, an independent hole in the ground. I am a branch or a hose and he is the water blasting out. He moves through me, if I stay connected. I don't have to even be that creative or drink enough coffee, just connected. Coffee doesn't hurt anything though.

Do you feel like you are empty?

Jennie Allen6 Comments