Here We Go: Launching Nothing to Prove


In five days I'll release a book into the world...days later I'll lead the fourth year of a gathering called IF:Gathering. The road to ministry for me from living rooms with a few people unpacking Scripture to publishing and interviews and ticket sales has been interesting. I still cringe at how my personal faith can at times feel like a commodity. And I pray I never quit cringing at that.

Yet here I go again. So, why do it?

Because there are real needs, real people who want to grow and need tools, need stories, need teaching, need more of Jesus. But, I am sober enough to know that books and events are only catalysts to life change... real life change happens eye to eye around tables, over time, and in local churches and only as a result of the power of God.

We all play different roles in building God's Kingdom. Some of us build tackle to equip the real life-changing work you are doing out on the water. Before I talk any more about these things I wanted to tell you why I do it but also how I see it. This isn't the BIG stuff- these are just tools for the BIG stuff. Grateful to partner with so many of you to play our part in this time.

There is A LOT going on this next month, and I would love to connect with you in these places if possible. Can you join- let us know in the comments!

I’d love to see you at any of these events! Join us?!

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