God Loves.

There is just so much fighting going on and I know there is a lot at stake. But I go back to the gospels and to Jesus and he says... My people...

"they are going to know you by your Love."

And God's love was over the top ridiculous as shown by Jesus Christ. He fought for the very worst of us.

As I drive around Austin these days it seems nearly every billboard has been taken over with one singular simple message.

Explore God.

A man had a vision to create safe vulnerable and deep content for those curious about God and then help those that would never walk into a church find it. I am a small part of this project and in it I share some moments that I don't often share from our adoption story. In the beginning it was too painful to talk about and now it seems only like a very bad dream. Since Coop is so settled and wildly in love with me- it often doesn't come up. But now even watching this I love that I had to fight for him. Maybe that dark season is why we are now so close.

I hope this encourages you and share with someone who doubts God could love them.

Watch more at ExploreGod.com

This is how he dressed himself for me for mother's day... um... pretty much he is head over heels for me. Go Fanta Slushes from Sonic!

How has God shown his unconditional love to you?

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