God's Chest

My 9 year old daughter has been writing a killer novel. Zac said to me, "you see why Will Smith's kids are actors and rappers. It's what they know."  She has been watching me and decided I did not make it look too hard. So she is on chapter 9 and it is epic. She went at it that way saying,  "if I am going to write a book, I plan on it being interesting like Harry Potter and Percy Jackson." Well she is achieving her goal. I seriously can't put it down and can't wait for the next chapters to be written. I am her editor you see.

Despondent today she had no words.

As I embarked on my 6 day writing retreat, friends and family were praying. On the days I wrote I averaged more words than I could have dreamed. But on day 3, Sunday I had nada, nothing, zero.

I panicked, fearing the well had dried up. There was nothing left to say. I cried and called home and begged God. I was a mess. Day 4 I woke up and poured out 5000 words, like manna from heaven.

God showed me again this is Him. I am the transcriber and I write when He talks and can't when He doesn't. So far for every day I have had just what I need to do the job at hand and I feel Him helping me to accomplish exactly what He wants from me in that day.

It is no different for any one else, He has a plan for our days, our stories and if we keep our heads against the chest of God you can hear what to do and what to say... and everyday He will help us do it. It is a beautiful arrangement really- we get near to the God of the universe... He gets hands and feet on the planet.

Jennie Allen11 Comments