Heart Stop

How do I tell my heart it can stop worrying?

For so long it has raced at the thought of our boy- the helpless thought that he is growing up and we can't get to him until we can.

But now we can. Nothing but a plane and a blue gate separate us. And my heart can't drop it's guards. I love him so much it hurts. I giggle every time I look at his face. He is ours... our son. The son I will teach to love Jesus and open doors for women and flush the potty and read Dr. Suess and if God wills I'll teach to drive and watch get married and in a few days I'll watch as he learns what it means to have a family. My son.

Heart stop. Stop worrying. Stop wondering if this is real. This is real. We were made for him and him for us. And now we will meet who has been missing.

Cooper tomorrow we will get on a plane to you... but we have been journeying to you for years. We can't wait till you aren't missing anymore.