Hello from my Isolation Chamber:

Hello out there!!  Here is a little of what's been going on around here. I haven't done that in awhile here. In part because I feel a little lost as to how to process our lives, more or less how to talk about them. Adoption...

we just hurt constantly. It has been 9 months since our paperwork arrived in Rwanda. And nearly a year since we began this journey. And there is no real news as to when we will get our little boy. We knew this was an unpredictable process but nothing prepares you for it. The first little boy (the first of six!) in our church was brought home from Rwanda this week, seeing him has made the wait so much harder! He is just yummy- and it is beautiful to see them bond!

These kids are real and just waiting. We are just waiting! Government come on!! Please move. Please pray with us that the government will feel compelled to keep processing dossiers. Until this recent movement, there have been no adoptions for 6 months. We've never been more in love with our baby boy (who still remains a mystery)- we all want him so badly!


I am working everyday on writing a book- yes a full-fledged book. I've never written a book. So.... today I will be revisiting chapter 3 and working primarily on it. And everyday I have a similar task. I am alone all the time. I work in my new office now :) from the time I see the kids off until I finish my self-assigned task for the day, usually sometime in the afternoon.

Surprisingly, I love my new job. Surprising because I am so energized by people. But it is this escape... I go in and God and I just get hours together chasing ideas and often I'm crying and often stopping to worship. It has been the sweetest experience, and I pray that nothing taints it. I know sometimes it will just feel like work, but so far there have been very few of those days. To think on God so much feels like a luxury I do not deserve, typically the demands of life interfere. And I have this protected time and space... I will never take it for granted. I have had the years with young children underfoot where time with Him, more than a few minutes, seemed impossible.


they are getting old and not needing me as much physically and needing me much more emotionally. Every time they get one on one time with me, the two older ones say something like, "Mom I need to tell you something...." and they go on to describe some hurt or disappointment with a friend. Parenting is not getting easier but it is getting incredibly rewarding as my kids process the gospel in their everyday lives. It has gone from teaching God to experiencing God with them and the magical healing and transformation only He can achieve in their souls.

My own soul...

is torn but stable (today). Despite life change all around...  we sense God's hand leading us like never before and giving us peace that surpasses our understanding. I am sad but I am also so grateful. But we appreciate prayers... many of you have slipped us emails or texts randomly saying you are praying... nothing means more to us. We actually feel held up by them. Thank you. No doubt if God ever uses my words it will be because of the prayers surrounding them.

Because I have so little time with humans- I would love to hear your updates... answer this question for me: (I know this is advocating virtual relationships... but hey- humor me here in my isolation chamber of writing.)

How is your soul?

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