Hold Your Fire

Where are the next generation of women leaders?

We are passionately dreaming behind closed doors. But we are all terrified to stand up and lead. We are afraid of being hated and equally afraid of being liked and followed and we are trying to stay in love with Jesus enough to do it anyway. There are a few jumping up and down trying to get everyone’s attention, but most of us are sitting, dreading raising our hand because we’re scared what it means.

Where is the next Beth Moore or Kay Arthur?

With all the respect we have for these women, our mentors, but are we supposed to be them? It's impossible to fill shoes like these. It seems there is a road in the wilderness but it is difficult to find.

We want something. It isn't fame or platforms. We want a revolution and most of us wish someone else would start it.

We’re embarrassingly cynical and shoot leaders down for sport- so we’re all afraid to lead. But we need to be led.

I’m asking you to hold your fire.

Let some of us stand up and try. The stirrings of a revolution are in the works.... I am in the meetings and hear the whispers. God is gathering a force and change is coming and it comes from Him. But help our fears... we are afraid to lead. Because honestly we are afraid we will stand up and be wrong or even right but either way we are going to get stoned.

It’s going to be different... it won’t be a tweaked version of old dreams. These are new and scary and uncomfortable dreams but they are from God. He builds things like this... people don’t.

Together, if we all keep our heads down and follow our Jesus, something is going to happen. A generation of women who have quietly been reading and longing and dreaming and falling in love with God are about to wake up. We are about to let God run wild through us.... together.

I feel it. We live once and then we meet God. We want to live lives that matter for eternal things. We want to be a generation who followed with reckless abandonment a God who was real to us.

But we need each other.

Hold your fire and we will try to be brave.

Jennie Allen5 Comments