Most of us just keep some small ones in our back pockets.  Only occasionally do we pull them out and use them.  Typically because we have been hurt, so we set our offender on our hook and let them hang.  As they dangle we size them up, think about how they disappointed us.... think about how they hurt us and let us down and no doubt, it feels better with them up there. In fact, it feels impossible to let them off.  It feels like if we let them off the hook..... they win.  They are free and clear and we would still be hurting.

But then you read God's way....

that love keeps no record of wrongs.... it doesn't hold a grudge.... it lets people off the hook.

1 Cor. 13:5

God help us.  Help us let people go free and clear.  Help us let people off the hook, even if it feels like we are dying an excruciatingly slow and painful death.  Yeah- help us especially when it feels like that.

Do you use a lot of hooks?  Do you need to let someone off of one?

Jennie Allen8 Comments