How to Not have a Disappointing Valentine’s

Some of you will head out to romantic dinners this weekend… but honestly, most of my life holidays contained a hint of disappointment. I guess you could say somewhere along the way I developed….. expectations. And anyone who has been alive for any time at all has learned,

nothing spoils all things more than disappointed expectations.  

So I thought in an effort to help all you men out there- who have no idea what to do to make your woman feel loved today…

Save money on the candy and please please do not buy a teddy bear…. avoid all stuffed animals. No. Just don’t.

What we really want more than any other thing- is to feel known by you.

So here is a simple little way to help you win in this area.

And I am guessing my female readership far out weighs my male readership. So girls, just go ahead and print this off…. I laid out all you need to do.

I am married to an incredible man who just doesn’t do holidays and I grew up in the land of Santa Claus and Hallmark. I have 4 of the 5 love languages (if that is even a real thing) and my husband has 1. Guess which one he has… yep… the ONE I don’t. So let’s just say we missed each other in this area all of our marriage.

Here is what I have learned,

my husband really loves me. He just doesn’t always say it in ways I hear.

Jennie and Zac

And it is not unromantic for me to help him along. If you feel like you want your man to hear you- help him hear you.

Ask him to dinner- print these cards- put them in his hand and ask him to ask you these questions and tell him it will make you feel loved.

To Download Date Night Cards, submit your information at the bottom of this post!

Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 1.25.54 PM

Sometimes we just have to ask (graciously) for what we need.

Now- there are a lot of you who do not have romantic dates planned this weekend with a significant other.

Here is what I know- every single one of us needs deep connections to people. It is the way God made us. And many of you who feel lonely right now- are so loved by many people. So I wanted you to have a tool to connect with some of those people.

Ask a friend or group of friends to dinner this week and really hear each other- dream together- talk about how you can deepen your friendships this year.

And if you are married or in a relationship- this week plan a meal with some of your unmarried friends and have intentional conversations with them.


To Download Friend Night Cards, submit your information at the bottom of this post!

Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 1.26.05 PM

In fact, my date tonight? My beautiful 13 year old daughter. We need time together and so we are getting away for a little shopping and connecting. So I am printing these and we will connect eye to eye… I can’t wait.

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How do you feel loved by your spouse and friends? What are you doing fun this weekend?