I can't

I cried tonight... actually I wept.

I haven't cried much in the last few months. I've not been in denial that my entire life is changing, I just knew I couldn't analyze it yet. I felt like transitions aren't real life- they are on your way to your real life. So I wanted to wait, holding my breath till I could decide how life was going to be.

Our church changing and walking with people we love through it.

My husband's job changing with it and a lot of unknowns.

Our new son- who is doing so well but is still kicking my tail.

Three other kids.

My writing- giving everything I have left to communicate God to people.

I can't do it all.

I have reached my end.

So tonight I ask you God to carry us through the consequences of obeying you. You knew when each of these things were designed for us that they would collide in the middle of 2011. By your design I can't do this without you.

If God is real and if he actually has supernatural things for us- crazy things- then he has to accomplish them through supernatural means. We are counting on that here. I pray our lives are nothing short of miracles- acts of God moving in and through us, since that is actually possible and since we followed him off some cliffs, we find it now necessary.

Where do you need God right now?