I am having an icky day.  I open my mouth and the wrong things come out.  I feel inadequate and reluctant.  I lack purpose and discipline.  It is raining- which I normally love but today feels sad.  And no it is not that time of the month.  It is just an icky day.  It is a touch of "the sky is falling" with a dash of "poor me."  I know it is lovely.  And so I am going to keep to myself and pray and feel sad for no good reasons.  And pray that God of the universe would show up again before I turn MIA for too much of life....  and this is probably too much information about me.  So I will stop now.

Part Two of Icky Day-

My 7 year old just got home from school and was so down with her own icky day- all my ick just evaporated. The girl has "real" problems. She started a club at school today and she said no one got excited about it... her first words when she walked in looking so downtrodden were... "Mom, you know that club idea? It didn't go so well." :( My heart is over my own ick for now! How could I stay icky with "real" problems like that in my house... :)

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