IF: A Call to Pray


So this week was shocking and exciting and with it came thousands of new kindred souls and reasons to celebrate. No doubt God has given so many of you similar passions and a restlessness for something more. Words have finally been put to our feelings and dreams are beginning to be fleshed out.

I heard a whisper of a dream. Some call it the vision for a new conference. I knew somewhere in me it wasn’t that... it may be a part but it wasn’t the whole. It is more than that. But I couldn’t find the word. So I settled on a proud word, a word others used but I was unsure.


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With the sparks that flew this past week, even as the leader of this thing I still find myself a spectator with you wondering,

God is this really you?

What will this dream become?

Is this a movement from you?

Dreams come and dreams fall. Leaders come and leaders fall. Movements come and movements fall.

I am a dreamer. I am passionate. I motivate and inspire. I speak words at times like movements, generations, changing the world. On the good days it is not a product of vain ambition but every heart hopes for glory even if they wish that their’s didn’t.

Movement was the wrong word- because movement is not ours to decide. What is ours to control is this word:


If my people who are called by my name humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their sin- I will move and heal my land. 2 Chron. 7:17

So I won't presume upon God to move and instead we will beg him to. It’s not as sexy and the thousands that followed us in a matter of hours may go away. But we will not make false promises and we will not lay bricks and mortar on an arrogant foundation.

I ask for a do over. 

Last week we blew the trumpets and now I believe as One Generation, alive together on the planet at one time, Let’s go low. Let’s confess, Let’s admit that at times we want exciting movements and our cool place more than we want God and we will pray, we will beg for God to show himself real and for us to live in response to him alone.

This is not a vision we thought up, we are not a democracy voting on our next steps, we are not diverse voices fighting for a platform, we are not thinkers and leaders and speakers with an agenda to build a new thing.

We are humans on our knees, trembling a little, doing our very best to hear from and obey our God. Ann and Rebekah and Jen and Nobles and the whole lot of us.

So the questions are coming....

How will this be different?

What do you want us to do?

What is the plan?

We are working hard to build something that will please God and also contain the things we are all so craving like depth and honesty and connection.

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And at the same exact time we find ourselves in closets, on hard floors, in the middle of the night asking God the same questions.

IF God is real- THEN we are on one singular mission to live like it with these few days together. 


we aren’t in this to “be different.”

we aren’t in this to “be the next big thing.”

we aren’t in this to build “something cool, something edgy.”

We are in this because God said for us to be in this. We are in this for Christ’s name to be made great on this earth in our time.

Our hearts are low. Our hopes are high. Our mission is clear and and we believe was whispered from Him....

Gather, Equip and Unleash a generation. Someone in the thick of this with me this week said this to me and I couldn’t agree more:

“This little tribe isn’t everything but it is something.” We aren’t the next big thing. We are trying to be brave enough to step into our small place in the greater work of God on earth in our time. Heads down, fighting for pure hearts and longing for every piece of this to bring him glory.

And I think I come back to you a little more scared this week than last because we all see and feel a hint that God is moving here.

Last week we blew the trumpets and now we humble ourselves and pray.

Join us. Write prayers here for this or anywhere and more importantly actually pray them. Tremble with us! Because if our God does move- oh my gosh.