Jennie's new podcast - If God Is Real - Episode #001

A Podcast? So I was approached by someone to start this... And here is why I said yes...

The Vision

Over the coming months Andy and I will host some guests and hopefully it will feel like you get to have a chat with some people that love God and are serving Him in unique ways.

If God is Real.... Then we need to live like it. These people are. The first two episodes are a chance for people to hear a little of our family's story. Then we will dig in and hear from all types of people who are living lives that scream of a God that is real.

Andy Traub, the host of this podcast, will be posting these. He hosts several other great shows you can check out here.


Welcome to the first episode of Jennie's new podcast "If God Is Real". We'll be releasing a few episodes a month and would love your feedback on the show here at or on iTunes. You can call in and ask Jennie a question anytime at 407-536-6434.

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