IF God Moved


One of my favorite things about Lindsey Nobles is that she has followed me on this insane journey, and while I consider myself a friend to crazy adventure, she is the more loyal, steady, sane one of us. So before I told her I think God wants us to pull the ticket price and open up our first shaky event up to the world, I called my wise and pragmatic friend and told her to fast for 24 hours. She was a bit cranky about being forced to not eat and not knowing why. Haha! (P.S. Don't worry I fasted too!) God did move in us and prepared us to take the wild, necessary next steps of faith. So with that moment freshly in mind- I come to you today with the same conviction.

We want God to move? How badly? Do we want Him more than food? Do we want God more than comfort? Do we crave Him above any other thing? I know that I have been in a season where I haven't. I wanted Netflix more, I wanted sleep more, I wanted food more, I wanted comfort more.

So beginning January 1st, I have cut most all those things out of my life.... I do eat! Haha! But for nourishment rather than comfort. I do sleep, but most mornings I am up very early. And let me tell you what has happened as I have chosen God over this world- He is so much better and more dear to me.

That apathy and numbness I had felt for months, that had lulled me into a place where I craved comfort more than a massive movement of His Spirit- it shifted. And now I find myself waking up and craving God again. I feel compassion for my neighbors, instead of the characters of Parenthood. Now don't hear me say those things are evil! Dang it- I will eat cheeseburgers and watch all the new episodes of Gilmore Girls- don't you worry.

But there is power in fasting from the things we have accidentally started to put our hope in- to remind us of our only true and living hope.

So now you are thinking, "Jennie, are you saying you want us to fast?"

I am.

Zero Pressure! But together, on Wednesday, February 3rd, join women across the world as we fast and pray for God to move, for God to save, for God to break bonds, for God to convict, for Him to speak through our lives unified to the world.


God is rallying his women across the globe in cinder block homes in Africa, in mega churches in Dallas, in dorm rooms on college campuses, in movie theaters, in break rooms at workplaces, in coffee shops, and for some of you in your bed with your computer.

In a few days, we will be one single-minded group of women, united over the most defining thing about us… Jesus.

There is a magnetic force none of us can describe that keeps drawing us together- to His Word- to a deeper belief that our lives could come together and mean something for eternity. This belief is not because we are special, or gifted, or pure hearted, not because we are extra passionate, not because we are courageous.

We believe this because we believe God.


So how do you fast? It's simple.

You lay down the things you crave- so that your soul can have space to feel it's need for God- then you go to Him, throughout the day.

There are no rules, time limits- I am not going to make them. You give up what God says give up for as long as you feel convicted to give it up and you seek Him. That is the plan.

We are cheering and praying for every single gathering happening- over 2,000 gatherings across the earth. We are praying for you in your places as you seek God.

If you still want to be a part- it is not too late to throw something together or attend a gathering in your place. >>Search for an IF:Local in your area, or sign up for the live stream here.<<

Are you in? Say yes in the comments.