IF: Nothing Changed yet Everything Changed

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It's been 2 weeks and it feels no less of a dream.

The ground trembled and we saw God in ways I didn't even know were possible.

I love IF. It is special. It is a gift and place for us to grow. It was glorious in so many ways, watching God move among us, bringing us to our knees in awe and surrender.

Then it ended, we all packed our bags, piled into the car, and went home.

And we opened our front doors to LIFE. Dirty, messy, scary, chaotic, beautiful life. Then the moment hits.

How do we take this new fire in our hearts, these faith declarations and MOVE when we are waist-deep in dishes, emails, people, bills?

Just so you don't think I am too big for my britches and not coming home to all the same crazy you are, I need to paint you a picture of what I came home to...

Conner and several of his friends were dressed in medieval costumes- I had zero context and every room destroyed with props, furniture moved, teenagers eating cheese-its from one end of my house to the other.

Apparently they were making a medieval movie for school. No words really.

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It's terrifying- tell me about it.

Cooper on the other hand, just wanted to cuddle and watch Big Hero 6 and go to Target to get "the real" Bemax. And you bet I said yes to that. He also is really into Benihana- he likes to replay every single move the chef made at the table- the flying shrimp, egg roll, and onion fire train. He has a new big dream.


The girls. They wanted to hear about IF:Gathering for all of 5 minutes. A year's worth of blood, sweat, tears, and prayers and I got 5 minutes before they went back to their demanding schedules. And by "wanting to hear for 5 minutes", I mean I forced them to sit and listen to me talk about it.

But I will say some of the IF:Terns and I took the girls to their first Ash Wednesday service this week.


And that brings me to the point.

I sat between my two girls in the most humble of church services with dark ash on our foreheads and heard deeply grounding words...

Dust to dust. No human is separate from this reality. 

We are all so terribly small. IF:Gathering potentially reached one million people but I want to be clear- it is so terribly small in light of the global church, in light of ISIS beheading 21 young Christian men, in light of generations of the church that have moved into multiple global revivals with no internet connecting them, in light of our enormous eternal God.

We're back to earth. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

THIS is where God moves, choosing to move into the chaos of the everyday.

Choosing to love the chaos when all we want to do is control it.

Choosing to worship in Cheeze-it crumbs rather than just on the mountain-top with Melinda Doolittle singing "Break Every Chain."

Choosing to pray when no one sees.

Choosing to build relationships rather than platforms.

Choosing to believe the everyday is the best part and choosing not to miss it.

This is where we obey. This is what FAITH looks like.

What is your step of Faith? How's it going?

What's your chaos?