IF: To the generation above us.

So yesterday. This happened. Trumpets blew and a generation that has been reading blogs and getting brave and dreaming and longing began to gather. And I can only imagine that the generation above us looked on wondering if we saw:

Hey we are brave too.

We are longing too.

We have faithfully followed God.

We have poured our guts into a lot of you.

You need us!!

Oh we heard you yesterday, Perhaps louder than the young ones. I want to tell you a story. As this vision was growing and God was clearly building it, my heart was so heavy that as clear as this was for our generation, it would not be without the generation above.

So I reached out to several women in public ministry in our country wanting to submit to their leadership. I was willing to walk away from this if we did not have their full support. And God has given it. We feel a tremendous desire to come under wise older women.

We never want to disrespect you. Yesterday there was a lot of bantar about conferences and ages. There is a very legitimate need that we are feeling but you better believe all of the ministries and conferences that have existed before us are the shoulders that we now stand on and we know it. And we also know soon (way too soon) we will have our daughters building and growing on our shoulders.

We need you- that is not trite and I never want anything we say or do to disrespect your generation. NEVER. This has haunted me the last 24 hours and I felt led to reach out and tell you. Thank you for the ways that you have already shaped this and believed in it. I will never get over it.

We may do things differently- but every single centerpiece you make unto the Lord and every single beautiful God centered message you deliver in faith and every small or big retreat you host we are here because you do so. You served, you built for your generation, and now we are asking that you will help us build for ours... not from a distance, nope- right in there in the mess of it with us.

My mentor, Diane Cotton who is on the board of IF:Gathering and she keeps me straight. 


My grandmother who is with Jesus and showed me what it looked like to stay brave

and fierce for Jesus even at 90! 

Caroline's b'day 021

I found these brave words from my Grandmom this week in an old commentary she gave me when I was attending seminary:

"Determination is realizing that my present struggles are essential for future achievement."

Do you think I needed that this week? :)


So loud and clear let me say it one more time:

WE NEED YOU! Today we took down the defining age range on the IF website because- we are sharing the planet together. That makes us ONE generation and you better believe we need your age!

Please engage here- we would be amiss if we did not welcome every woman who is older to pour into us and to pray for us.

If you are in- don't worry we will give you dozens of ways to be a part of this. But we need you to connect via email here:


So church leaders- we are really strategically trying to partner with you. Because the church is God's way of building his name here. We want to point people to you and come up under you and we need your help to do that. If you lead in a church in any capacity, we are building a tribe of you:

Connect here for IF: CHURCH

And if you want to play a role of mentoring or pouring into the younger generation, we are building a tribe of you too:

Connect here for IF: MENTORS

Whatever your age, whatever your place- let's do this arm and arm while we all live her for just a little while. Love you so.