In Case you are Wondering if it all Matters


Look at this one little blue bonnet who just popped out of some grass we planted before winter. I guess somehow he found his way to our sod and the sod found it’s way to our house.

It has me thinking about all of you darling people out there, some of you I have met as you have welcomed me into your churches and lives around the country. You have NO idea the beautiful work you are doing in your places.

You haven’t seen where your love or service has landed, you haven’t seen it grow into something beautiful. You have your head down and you are doing the work because you love Jesus and people and His Church and there is no sign that it is mattering, that it is working.

I guess I thought of you because I imagined that little inconspicuous blue bonnet seed that sat there in the sod at the grass farm and then sat all winter in my yard before it graced us with it’s presence.

You just have no idea where the seeds you are planting will go- how far and how beautiful they will become.

Some of you are mentoring younger girls, like Lindsay Smith who meets regularly with these two precious high school girls. The girls beam as they talk about God and Lindsay and likely 30 years from now- they will name Lindsay as one of the 5 people who most shaped their lives.


Some of you are raising little people, like Jamie Young, who is a high school coach's wife in Sulphur Springs, Texas and is raising her kids and loving on her community and lighting up her part of the world.


Some of you are advocating for people that can't advocate for themselves, like Erin Findley who lives in Austin and has served the foster and adoption agency here for years. She faithfully showed up to a difficult job every day and because of her, so many kids' lives are forever changed.


I could go on and on about the beautiful work being done in and through you all over the world.

"Your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you." Matthew 6:4

So in a few weeks we are going to do something so fun I can barely keep it in. We are going to honor (in massive form) the unseen people around you loving God with everything they have. More soon.

But be thinking whose story you will tell.

Can’t wait to tell you more!

For now let's do this- go crazy with it- Who is an unseen person who is loving God and serving Him in beautiful ways?