We are pregnant!  And we are completely and utterly thrilled!  Like we are pregnant for the first time!  Wednesday we mailed our dossier to D.C. and then it heads straight to Rwanda (yes Rwanda- Haiti is shut down as you know) in a few days!  We know there is a child that God planned for us before time.  We know that in part because of the feelings we both have in our gut.  The feeling of surpassing peace mixed with we have to get this boy asap!

All three kids are really excited now!  Conner needed some time to process but now he is getting excited.  And Caroline just wants me to hold her a lot because she says there is a baby brother coming and he is going to need a lot of holding and loving and so in the meantime I need to hold her.  :)  And Kate is her usual compassionate self- bleeding for the little guy and praying continually for him to have what he needs until we can get him.

My heart is full and I can't believe how God is leading and providing at every turn.  It feels like everything is about to change in our lives but I can't picture how.  But it just feels so right!

Our great friends, the Shulz's, sent their dossier with ours and are requesting a boy as well.  Here is their blog: link.  And then our friends the Choys and the Birts are behind us only by a few weeks.  4 orphans will have families!

For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, and of love.... my heart feels brave and sure and I know that is His Spirit who prepared good works in advance for us to do and knew this child as He knit him in his mother's womb and made our hearts have to get him and blessed us ridiculously so we could bless others.  Thank you God!  Thank you!