Killer surprise: IF:Austin Tickets and an IF:Local Party

I have the coolest family. I mean crazy gifted... happen to be my best friends…would saw off my arm for us to all live in the same town. Sadly God has spread us out to the heart- break of my dear mother. Brooke and her cowboy husband, Tony, and their 5 children under the age of 6 (yep- not a typo) run Lost Valley guest ranch in Colorado. She invests in the staff and the hundred or more guests they host at a time and she manages to home school. Serious. I want to be my little sister when I grow up.

Katie and her husband and two kids live in Northwest Arkansas… and as you can see here, she is so dad gum talented. And she got that from my incredible mom, who lives in Little Rock, Arkansas and  is just hardwired to find the most beautiful ways to serve and love all of her people. She is the most sacrificial mama in the universe.


I adore them and now you are about to adore them too.

Yesterday this happened. I cannot tell you how shockingly rewarding that day is…. a year and a half of soul work and editing and teaching and studying and on and on. So as a little celebration… my uber-cool family had an idea.

IF:Austin Tickets

My mom and sisters donated and registered for 4 tickets to IF:Austin. (Yes how funny is it that we didn't even give tickets to our families?) However, they are now going to volunteer in February to serve at IF:Austin instead and are donating their 4 tickets to a couple of you who preorder my book!

Stop it. Serious. I told you they are the best. So instead of sitting in the front soaking it all in, they are throwing on volunteer t-shirts and handing out lanyards and in their beloved little seats will sit 4 of you! Also, I will grab you 4 and show you around backstage because that's fun and I want to meet you.

IF:Local Party

BUT, you say, what about me? I am hosting an IF:Local. I feel called to stay? What about me? I thought of you- wonderful awesome you- who is planning and inviting and would never leave your people so… I want to throw in to their stellar gift a catered IF:Local party for you and your friends. So if you feel called to stay and want to be a part of this… enter to win $5o0 for food and such and a little of my sister Katie's help to make your IF:Local gathering beautiful and meaningful.

How it works: 

1. Pre-order a hard copy of Restlesshere or the kindle version here.  Note: This is one of those books you may want the hard copy. There are color journal pages throughout. Just wanted you to know.)

2. To enter the giveaway, comment below with the date of your purchase and the number of copies you ordered.  You will be entered for every book you buy. Please specify if you would like to be entered to win the giveaway for IF: Austin, IF: Local, or both.

3. After you pre- order the book if you share this post on your blog or social media- let us know that too, in the comments, and we will add your name in the pot again!


If you have already pre- ordered that's great- just give us the date you ordered and if you order the bible study we will count that too.

Entries will be accepted start today and close Friday 12 pm CT Friday, December 13th.

There were will be 3 winners.  Two of you will win 2 tickets each to attend IF: Austin.  A third person will win a catered IF: Local event.

Love you all and I feel like we just are all in this IF thing together- I can't wait to see what God is going to do!

Excited to announce the following winners of IF:Austin tickets and the IF: Local event. A huge thank you to everyone for all the orders. Looking forward to hearing your own #restlessproject stories in the coming months!

IF:Austin tickets –

Ashley Eppers Brooke Herther

IF:Local Event –

Ronel Sidney