Let's Overwhelm Someone

Hi. I miss you and there is so much to say. I have been in a dark place honestly and I tend to hole up when I am going through things. But I am turning the corner and this morning as I scrolled through social media I saw another woman in a dark place. I did not know her but I think when we can- we should move into people's dark places. Here was the tweet I read:  

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 8.04.16 AM

I clicked to find the most incredibly tender simple words from a sister fighting infertility across the ocean in Sengal, Africa.

Read more here.

I thought how fun it would be to bombard her with prayer today. So let's! She feels lonely and is fighting for purpose in dark moments and in dark places.

We rally around that- don't you think?

Go leave prayers, scriptures, hope in her comment section or on twitter. Let's overwhelm her today.

She has no idea. :) And her comments require moderation- can you imagine when she wakes up and sees them all there waiting for her?!