We are so small.

I woke up this morning looking down on little people in Atlanta from the 49th floor of the Westin, reading Isaiah 40 describing the enormity of a God who sits above the circle of the earth, and its inhabitants are like grasshoppers to Him.

I am at the International Christian Retailers Conference. In sheer irony I am here because my publisher is doing their best to make a nobody somebody. I just keep my head down and go where I'm told and preach Jesus. This morning I found myself in a room full of humble beautiful store owners talking about this ridiculous awesome God and grasshoppers and how if He is real (God)... it changes, and defines, and wrecks everything. It is insane, what we believe, as Christ followers.

I find myself in lots of similar rooms sharing similar things these days. I wish I had more clever things to say. I talk about God and souls and hurt and joy and peace and all the same things that wiser people have said thousands of times before me about Jesus. I am saying the same things that have always been said.

I listened tonight as Larry King interviewed Daniel Radcliffe about the final Harry Potter movie and Daniel said a beautiful thing.

"I always knew that anyone who got this role would have the same fame. It was never about me. It was about this franchise- something bigger."

I teared up when I heard it- as I had spent the day meeting and greeting important people, in some small ways trying to become important- apparently a necessary quality to sell books.

Even if everyone succeeded and I became "somebody." It would never be about me, I'd still be small. And I'd still be aware it was simply the franchise I was a part of that was special.

My husband constantly reminds me, that I rest in obedience to do the will of my God, not in my performance, or sales predictions, or even reviews. Who am I? I am a grasshopper, a part of a franchise that defines every generation that was and will be. I keep my head down and play my very small part in His plan.

He breathes in and out and a generation has already passed away. We are small. God, keep me forever small and instead you please keep getting bigger.

What's your part? Play it. Soon our God will breathe out and it will be another generations turn.

Jennie Allen7 Comments