Living a Book

I feel ready or at least convicted that it is time to let you in on a few things, so today I will share about the book I am living/ writing. As far as the other epic secret dream, give me a few more weeks before I share this dream with you. Nearly 10 years ago my husband looked at me from across the living room of our rented house in Dallas, TX and bravely said,

I believe God is calling us to plant a church. It wasn't full of clarity, only just enough.

And yep a real life church was born...


with real life awesome, change-your-life, know-your-soul, spoil-your-kids kind-of people...


and together we found more of Jesus and gave more of him away than we'd ever before.

Today I watched as my husband bravely told our church, I believe God is calling me to minister in the marketplace.

My husband is officially leaving church staff on June 1 with the same calling on his life that he has always had: Make Disciples.

My husband pastors- that is what he does and that is who he is.


And callings like that, transcend vocations.

So the book..... The word Calling has always seemed to tease me, like a mysterious secret containing the answer to my ridiculously restless spirit. We wonder if we are missing some mystical great noble purpose that was supposed to squeeze into the holes of our ordinary lives.

We feel numb. We feel bored.

Let’s assume that if we are breathing, then we have a purpose for being here. Every one of us with breath in our lungs still has something left to do.

I want to dream of what our purposes may be.

The conviction to write this book was born out of conversations with many of you. Since writing the first book, Anything, the most consistent thing I have been asked is some version of this question:

“I am in. I am all surrendered to God. But now what? I don’t know what he wants me to do?”

This is a book about God.

And this is a book about us and God. And this is a book about the moment we close our eyes and see God. This is a book about facing the God of the universe and answering to Him about the life and the resources that he gave us while we were here.

And because I think we all want that moment to go well, this is a book about discovering ourselves and getting over ourselves all at the same time. This is a book about being brave enough to imagine a better world and how we may be used to make it that way. This is a book about changing the world and changing diapers. This is a book about fears and suffering and joy and gifts.  This is a book about all that lays in our control and how nothing is in our control. This is a book about vision and obedience.

I feel a weight. An indescribable burden. A holy God given passion burning in my soul for you, for us, for our time here. Because I know we will blink and be together with God forever and there is life to be lived here, in our generation, on this earth, for our breath.

So I humbly ask you, dream with me.

We will lay out the unique threads of our lives that feel random, potentially even tangling us up, but we will lay them out and dream about eternal purposes for seemingly mundane moments and consider that it is possible to waste our lives.

And then let's not.

I'm not good with catchy titles. I just name projects based on how I feel... so here it is- here is what I feel and I have a hunch I am not the only one:

RESTLESS  ...because you were made for more

I believe this is from Him and I pray it will spark something in you... a vision perhaps of the unique reason God keeps issuing you breath.

A few more things... About the job change:  we aren't leaving Austin or our amazing church.

About Restless: For the first time I will be releasing this project as a a book and a Bible study based on the life of Joseph. I tackle no project lightly, God seems to have me live, breathe, bleed whatever it is he wants me to give away. A slew of us went through this project this spring and I feel giddy thinking of you all dreaming and uncovering your unique threads with your friends the way we did. It was life changing. I think this is going to get fun. Both release Jan. 2014.

You in? Do you feel restless? Want to dream?