Wishing.... hoping..... waiting for little brother.  Everyday praying for someone to hold him and sing to him. Caroline prays for him the most... always beginning every prayer with "little bruder" and usually ending with him too.

I've had the inevitable question in my own head and posed by others- "are you still sure you are supposed to do this, with all the other ministry God just dropped in your laps?"

I keep giving both things back to Him and saying to Him, "I want your will." I can't imagine doing either of these (more or less both of them) without Him in it.  So far He keeps saying, "yes" and then He usually adds, "trust me girl... I have this figured out."

So we just keep longing and praying for him. I think all of us adopting from Rwanda right now feel like we are past our due dates with no end in sight. :)  In the meantime I am taking this month and next to work my boo-hiney off so I can take a good chunk of time-off when he gets here.  Thanks for continuing to ask us and pray for us in this!  We can't wait to meet our little man and hope it will be sometime early next year, but we are on Africa time so unfortunately there is really no telling.

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