Loving Work?

Tonight five friends sat in our living room and all five shared that their husbands were unhappy in their jobs. Zac spent alot of his twenties unhappy in jobs- I could see in their eyes this was a heavy burden for them.

Are we supposed to be happy in our jobs?

There is the curse after all- men are supposed to toil with the ground and something about thorns.

But God put us each here for a purpose. Acts 17: 26 says he planned the time and even spaces we would live and Ephesians 2:10 says, God planned the good works we would do.

Even if we find jobs we love, living that purpose will still feel like toil. But I believe we all have gifts and are designed uniquely to contribute in jobs for our short time here.

Is there meaning and purpose in your job in the midst of the toil? Are you in God's will?

I think as wives, moms, dads, even friends we have the privilege to help others dream.

What are they good at? Tell them.

What did they want to be when they were five?

When do they feel the pleasure of God?

What are they afraid of?

Then free them or yourself to dream, even change jobs. We crave comfort, but at times our comfort or safety is at the expense of God's plans for us. As wives,we can tell our men, we will follow them anywhere and encourage them to take risks.

Zac and I did some intensive counseling similar to the Giftedness Center in Dallas, discovering how we were uniquely designed and what things were holding us back. It has shaped our course. This matters. A lot of our short lives are spent in jobs. Are we in the right one? Is your husband in the right one?

What do you think? Are we supposed to love our work?

Jennie Allen2 Comments