The Made For This Podcast is here!

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Hey friend!

Have you ever asked yourself...

How do I find my people?

Why am I so lonely?

How do I deal with comparison?

How do I handle conflict?

When I sat down to record this first season of the Made for This podcast, I was thinking about you... I want to tackle these questions through the lens of Scripture and introduce you to some incredible people along the way.

And guess what... you can listen to the first 2 episodes RIGHT NOW! In episode #1, we'll unpack the secret to healthy relationships and in episode #2, I have a very special girl (my daughter Kate!) joining me to talk about how to make friends when it's difficult. You can listen now, subscribe, and leave a review!

Let's go on this journey together to find your people and go deep with them! It isn’t a suggestion- it is essential and yet so many of us are living lonely. I want you to join in on the conversation.

There's hope for us as we love people and live life with them. When Jesus is fixed at the very center of all our relationships, everything changes for the better.

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