me vs. GOD

What am I doing here?  Here, as in this blog and then big "here" as in this planet?  In every moment I can steal in this chaos called summer, I have been writing, as I prepare to get things in the hands of fancy people in the writing world.  

So I am full.... my head is getting to think about God almost constantly. My head is happy. I don't know what God's plans are with this... but I am full and happy.

And happy, full God thoughts in my head are good.

But as I think them... my heart gets all messed up. See the more I "think" about God, the more I know Him and the more I know Him the more He is resembling...

a stockpile of food on my back as I walk through the streets of a third world country.

And while I don't find myself in a third world country- I think that God is laying heavy on my heart saying that, I am in one. When He was here, He kept doing things like feeding people food but telling them their real hunger was for Him. And when it comes to people full of God- I think as a nation we are starving. I think that I need to put physical food in mouths on this planet. That I know- and adoption may be a part of that.

But we are all dying, whether we die from starvation in 5 years or old-age in 50.... we die. And I must give something more... mainly because I have it.

I have God.

Blogging can be narcissistic... writing books can be the same.... and shoot I can be narcissistic... God help me.

But if I do not give Him away in every way I know how...

What is that?

Jennie Allen2 Comments