SO this is how my daughter started our day yesterday...

And oh wait- this gets so much better but first the facts you need to know...

1.  This is some kind of thick plastic, not glass- cannot break.

2.  Her foot is NOT coming out- about an inch is in question here- not a centimeter... I have no earthly idea how it got in.

3.  While we were all laughing our heads off yesterday... Kate is saying...

"This is serious- this is not funny."  Of course, completely making it so much funnier but we did limit our laughing to behind her back.

So the Rev's fabulous idea was to head to our local hardware store- since he could not come home to save her foot.

This is Kate walking into the hardware store:

Yes- And my son and I were quietly


laughing behind this camera.  And to our amazement a retired EMT walked in beside us, went and got the appropriate tool and cut out her foot!  Our hero!

And I saved her all by myself with God giving me an EMT and a hardware store and Rev telling me what to do.... I saved her.

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