Nostalgic Distractions

Not much else has happened in our family since I discovered 200+ episodes of The Cosby Show on Netflix. With all the controversy over Netflix this week, I have never been so happy with it, as if I found the secret honey hole within their empire. All 6 of us have watched 18 episodes so far (not in one sitting). And we just giggle as my kids yell out- Theo is so Conner (my nearly 12 year old) and he is. Caroline is Rudy and Kate is Vanessa and I think Coop is just so glad to see people who are "brown" like him. Yes he has noticed that he is brown now. He is really proud and just keeps pointing and laughing and saying Cooper's brown. And we kiss him and eat him up and wish we were all brown- he is just so happy about it.

Thank you Bill Cosby for making a show that taught a generation how to be a family. We all felt like we were in your family. Last night as we turned it off Conner asked, "Are they a real family?" I wish they were too- man they feel like one.

FamilyJennie AllenComment