Now He is just Showing off!

So I am "willing" to live in Africa and adopt children but honestly I can not live without my dust buster.  God really has a sense of humor- here I am willing to "give up anything" and sure enough He tests such a dramatic confession.  

One by one He is taking my small appliances!

 You think I am kidding.  I have been really praying about how to travel lightly through life and how to live simply- undistracted.  And all of the sudden my

dust buster

breaks- Crumbs are my fourth child- I need a dust buster.  I don't need much but I need a dust buster! 

Then our


.... still making it on my "magic bullet" here.  Sad but we are coping, making one little smoothie at a time.

Next..... my


- now we are on my husband's territory.  Bottom line here- you can not be a respectable working American and not own an iron!  Now at this point, I find myself digging through my purse praying there is a hidden Target gift card leftover from Christmas- no such luck.  

Next to fall and one of the MOST painful- OUR

DVD player

- I am tearing up as I write this.... I honestly have no words for this one. 

(although visions of blu-rays dance in my head.....)

And last but far from least my

cell phone

- I can still talk on it but about 15 times a day the battery falls out and I drop a call.  Sorry to those of you who have felt the repercussions of this one.  

I come from the kind- of family that when something breaks you buy a new one and being a product of such a "support the economy" mentality - I am physically itching to correct my misfortunes.  (Btw...I did buy an iron.) And eventually,  these wrongs will be righted in my small appliance world but as I was formulating my incredibly long birthday wish-list, 

God just spoke to my little appliance loving heart- you don't need all the things you think you need.  It reminds me of Jesus comforting Martha in Luke 10, "You are worried and upset about many things, but only ONE thing is needed."  ONLY ONE THiNG IS NEEDED IN MY WORLD.  

To know Christ and the power of His resurrection..........

One Thing (and a dustbuster....)  

I will survive..... somehow.