Numb: A New Study


I live and teach my projects before they end up on shelves.

In the craziness of the last few years the number one thing I have missed (besides my people) is teaching a study in my hometown. As much as I love speaking all over the map and meeting all of you incredible people- I have missed the routine of weekly bible study with my community here. So I pulled back on my travel schedule and this year I get to teach in Austin again!

And maybe, hopefully, as I see this project connect here in Austin- this will become a new tool for all of you as well.

Here is what I have been learning about lately.....

Like many people, I move through many days with no markers, no memories, I move through life a bit numb.

And I know the truth. I know this life is headed to a certain end and it is not going anywhere slowly. It is moving like a freight train to a predictable end with an immeasurable prize for those who know Jesus. My greatest fear is that the train has one great point and we would miss it. We would arrive well and safe, get off the train and realize we drove straight through without thought…

We would miss it.

So I propose a great experiment. What if together we woke up?

I have heard it said that the reason it feels like life is going faster and faster is that there are no longer new experiences to create new feelings to create new memories. We quit living as fully as when we were kids and seeing the beach the first time or making firefly rings.

We get numb.

Colossians 1:15 says that Jesus Christ “is the image of the invisible God.”

Jesus was fully man and fully God and he lived: fully engaged with his whole heart, mind, body, emotions. fully connected to the people around him. fully present through the pain and the joy. fully aware of the need around Him and the part He was to play to meet it.

He missed nothing. He was un-numb.

Who can attend: Women of any age, denomination or even those simply exploring their faith. Small groups will be assigned- request to be placed with anyone specifically.

An 8-week Bible Study based on the life of Jesus.

Invite your coworkers, neighbors, friends... this will be a deep safe place to consider God and His truth whether this is your 700th bible study or first one.

Here is more:

Location: Westlake Presbyterian Church (hosted by Austin Stone and Westlake Pres) Dates: Tuesday Nights beginning February 24th-April 21st (We will break for Spring Break) Time: 7-9pm Cost $25 (Materials provided) Space is limited

Are you in, Austin-area friends? Click the button below to sign up! 


And for the rest of you... will you tell me if you ever feel numb? How does God wake up your soul?

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