Obedience or Sacrifice



Guilt.   "Should everyone adopt or even foster?"

"And why do I feel guilty if I can't get a peace about it?

"or my husband is not on board?"

Questions like this have come up a lot lately with so many in our community pursuing adoptions or fostering.

I have been preparing a study on the life of David- There have been many surprises as I have studied but one of the most convicting to me was the life of Saul.

Why did he lose God's favor, where did he go wrong?

It was this seemingly small gesture.

Saul made a sacrifice to God which God had not asked for- it was a disobedient sacrifice. And at this point in scripture the prophet Samuel says to Saul,

"To obey is better than sacrifice."

I don't know what obedience is for you- usually God doesn't let me in on that.  But somehow, every once in awhile, He let's us in on what we are supposed to be doing.

And we obey.... usually... cause we really really believe He is God.  Not a make-believe God, but a really big, really real God- who knows the future, the answers to our fears and doubts.  He knows how and when and why.  Our job is to obey.  I've watched people head into this process with a million questions but as a dear friend said to me in the beginning...

there is really just one question, "Is God saying adopt?"

And I trust that the 8% of us that it would take to care for God's orphans will listen and obey.  Our "good deeds He  prepared in advance for us to do."  eph 2:10  I don't know yours- I know some of mine.

I don't think everyone should adopt or foster... just 8% of us. And God can tell you if you fall into that, if you are willing to hear.

I'm just super excited that we are in that 8%!

If God asks me to die- I die a martyr.

If He doesn't- I commit suicide.

What are your thoughts?  I know for some of you this is a hot topic right now.

I'd love to know how you are processing.