Usually my days feel insignificant, I understand that someday I will see they were all deep spiritual acts of service, but usually I just feel like an invisible pile of mush trying to do laundry and making sure nobody that is short in our house dies or loses their homework.

But I had a day that did not feel like that.  It felt like what I have been waiting for. Clarity.

After watching a week of hellacious footage from Haiti, I had just picked my husband up from his flight back from Rwanda. A friend called to tell us that a plane may be headed here from Haiti with orphans that needed homes. This was through a ministry that we had several connections. And the plane may never come, or it may be coming in two days, and did we want to pursue fostering or adopting one of the children?

We did not even have to think about it.... yes.  No doubt- yes. But we have been sitting on the edge of this cliff for a year- it was easy.

But then we began to call families, "Do you want a Haitian orphan?" and instantly.... "Yes!" and then I would have to say "I'm serious" and they would respond, "Yes!"  "Let me check with my husband...."Yes!"  And these were not families on the edge of the cliff.

It was beautiful.

I am strengthened to walk beside dear friends who lay down their lives and even more powerfully, their comfort for those in need on ordinary and extraordinary days.

And so as a small army of us hastily fills out paperwork and prays... there are only more uncertainties. Please pray with us for the organized effort to unite true orphans in Haiti with willing forever families.

We will keep you posted.