Our Village

Our Village-Jennie Allen

So I accidentally started a village last night.

I was equal parts lonely and overwhelmed with the task of writing draft two of a new book in front of me. I am not someone who creates in a vacuum. I like team, I like brainstorming with friends.

So I clicked around on Facebook and started a closed group with exactly those words, from right where I was in this 4th floor hotel room.

And Our Village started to grow.

It was like we were all wandering around alone in the darkness called Facebook, and saw the glow of a campfire.

So people started joining. Started with 35. Ok, 35 people. This is good.

Then it grew.

And grew.

And now there are 2,122 people (and counting…) in Our Village. Around the campfire.

And pretty quickly, we realized that this is not just an ordinary group. We’re posting the REAL stuff. The crazy, beautiful, honest stuff. Like- I don’t feel like I belong. I’m struggling for words. People connecting over things like life in the military, over adoption & foster care, over special needs kids. People legitimately CELEBRATING each other-turning to the person next to them at the campfire and saying, “YES-you too?”

So I’m sitting back dumbfounded and weepy. Community is built around our mutual brokenness, our mutual joys, and our mutual obedience and love for God. Togetherness was His idea in the first place.

And we are all just craving a place to belong. This just proves that it doesn’t take much to start a village. You don’t have to have a fancy venue, an agenda, the right lingo, it all starts with one step of courage to say ‘hey-anyone else out there?’ Similar to these words from C.S. Lewis…

"Friendship arises out of mere Companionship when two or more of the companions discover that they have in common some insight or interest or even taste which the others do not share and which, till that moment, each believed to be his own unique treasure (or burden). The typical expression of opening Friendship would be something like, "What? You too? I thought I was the only one." ... It is when two such persons discover one another, when, whether with immense difficulties and semi-articulate fumblings or with what would seem to us amazing and elliptical speed, they share their vision - it is then that Friendship is born. And instantly they stand together in an immense solitude."

Has this been your experience? What are you waiting for? Join us over on Facebook. It’s a beautiful, safe place. They say it takes a village to raise a kid. I also think it takes a village to make a book. Would you want to be a part of helping me create, title, build and send out this book? I just thought of this- so I don't know what is in it for you or even what will happen yet. I just know I need some team for the coming months. I think we will have fun and go deep and I think you will make this book more than it could be without you! Last night I shared about the new book last night on a Facebook live stream within the group and turns out all the inner wrestling I have been doing- well I am not alone.

Maybe you will relate too?

Let's do this. Are you in? Say yes in comments, share it with your friends and come on. The numbers haven’t seemed to limit the vulnerability or depth- I am certain there is room for you.

NOTE- To participate in Our Village group, you have to have a personal Facebook account, and be logged in to access it.