Overwhelming Cooper

It's 3 am here- and Zac and I are wide awake. I know all you want are pictures but we have to wait a couple more days until we pass court. So in the meantime his little arms and legs and a few words will have to do.

Let me tell  you how to overwhelm an orphan child... 5 very white people smothering you with kisses and taking way too many pictures and muttering words over and over in a foreign language while 3 nuns tell you this is your mama and papa and you don't even know what a mama and papa are because you have lived in an orphanage since you were born and 3 new siblings trying to teach you to push your first toy, a little red fire engine, instead of throw the little fire engine and for the first time in your life you are the center of everyone's universe when prior you searched the room for any one to notice you. So day one was the most overwhelming day of Cooper's life.

Then this morning Zac and I went quietly with no cameras or kids, just a sippy cup with sweet orange juice. We watched as he hustled up the hill clutching the little fire engine- he must have fought off a lot of little boys to keep that toy over night. He remembered us. Mama and Papa. He relaxed into our arms and rolled with giggles as we tickled him. He pressed his nose against mine and whispered mama as he held my face in his little brown hands. He sang to me, I tried to sing along and he laughed. He told me all kinds of things, I've never longed to understand words like I longed today. He played peek-a-boo with my sunglasses and learned the word cool as he strutted around the courtyard yelling his friends' names to show off his sunglasses.

We watched as an interpreter explained to him that we were his family and asked him if he would like to go home and live with us and he nodded yes without hesitation. We waved good bye as he cried and cried reaching for us and yet still politely waving good bye as the nuns promised him we would come back.

Children are made for families- not orphanages. I wondered if he would be sad to leave his friends and the only home he has known. Not anymore. He wants to pose for cameras and the whole room to stop because he walked into it. He wants our arms to relax in and a brother and sisters fighting for his attention rather than him fighting for anyone to notice him.

He longs to be overwhelmed by us. We are overwhelming him and he is completely overwhelming our hearts. We are taken.

We will be able to take him for good very soon until then our hearts are breaking again and again as we drive away.