People See your Junk

I have learned... things left undone, baggage left unpacked, hurt and sin left alone ALWAYS shows up somehow or another- it never just goes away under dusty rugs.

A terrible and wonderful thing about our church is people are living this out.  People are confessing sins they have been struggling with for years and finding freedom.  Rather than the typical smiling, well-dressed- "I am doing fine" church- we are the "Hi I am a believer in Jesus, who struggles with anger or addiction or what have you" church.  And while this has become a way of life for me and those close to me, sometimes I am reminded that the rest of the world, especially the Christian world, fights against this.  And if you read the blog below, on one level I get it- I like happy channels.   

But my friend Gayle, said something that about did me in at the time- "people see your junk, like it or not." And my gut reaction in my head- although there were several of us in the conversation- was " you see my junk...well x@#!"

(BTW- Those symbols look worse than the word in my head- but my mom reads this and she thinks c#@p is a bad word.)  

Junk we have in common and a lot of the time we act out of insecurity, fear, hurt- out of our junk unknowingly- like my little bit posing for a picture completely unaware of her hair reaching to Jupiter. :)  

I've heard it said a little too simply but worthy of mention- "Guys- from toddlerhood on will struggle with self-control and women their emotions."  I don't know your struggle but there is not one struggle that is not "common to man."(1 Cor.10:13)  

We all start at the same singular place: sinner.  And only through a miracle of God hold any other title.  

To God be the glory, great things He has done; 

So loved He the world that He gave us His Son,

Who yielded His life an atonement for sin,

And opened the life gate that all may go in.

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