You want to know what keeps us from greatness?  Our deep need to be great.

As I travel all over speaking and meet so many diverse people from unique places, it seems I always always get into a conversation about fear. We are so entangled with fear it is scary.

Read the comments here. I am by myself in Panera reading these and banging the table.

I am boiling mad at the amount of God and God-given gifts that sit inside of us because we are afraid.

Are you not writing because you are afraid of not being profound enough?

Are you not having your neighbors over because your house isn't perfect?

Are you not leading because you are afraid of appearing arrogant?

Are you not trying because you are afraid of failing?

Get over it. We are all about to be dust. Might as well live the stories God (the living, sovereign, lives forever, made us and the spinning planet we are sitting on....that God) wrote for us. Don't miss your story because you are afraid of it not being great enough.

And I'll be honest... I haven't been blogging lately because I have been lacking profoundness. :) I am going to blog anyway.

What are you not doing because of fear?