Let’s just say God called me to live in the middle of nowhere and minister to say…. farmers or if God said I really want you to show My love to strippers at gentlemen clubs or if He said  I really want you to adopt a baby from Africa or clean potties or stand up and speak to women even though you will feel like you would rather die…

What if He actually told me what it is He wants me to do… and I don’t want to do it? We are in a vulnerable spot.  We have told Him we will do anything.  Anything that He calls us to- we will do….. anything.

Go. Stay. Speak. Be Quiet. Stand up. Sit down. Redeem children.  Redeem dirty dishes.  Something big.  Something small.  Anything crazy.  Nothing fancy.  Anything.

Phillipians 3:10-11 I want to know Christ…..Yes! And the power of His resurrection….Yes! And the fellowship of sharing in His suffering……um………..maybe? becoming like Him in His death……………….not at all! Could I have Starbucks while I decide? and somehow to attain to the resurrection of the dead….Big YES! Please somehow God save me!

And some days I am willing and some days I feel reluctant.

Maybe I could do whatever big or small things if He would help me….. God, overcome me. please.

Jennie AllenComment