Restless Live Project

It feels like we are all set ablaze from IF. But now you are home- a week or more has moved by and we wonder if it was silly to hope- to want more- to dream that there is great purpose tucked into our every day lives. A lot of you are asking.... Where do I run? Where do I build or serve or dream?

At the close of IF, part of me wanted to fall into my bed from exhaustion and hide out, but your emails and messages and blogs began to flood in and it only made me burn more to see women free and unleashed. So instead of spending the last few days in bed- I called my friend Jamie Ivey and said, “Let’s white board.” I wrote Restless, the book and study, for this exact purpose. So that we could figure out TOGETHER how to not waste our lives and find the significance in the threads of life that we have blowing around right in front of us.

No one does this well alone. We often don’t see ourselves, our lives accurately. We need other people. So on our little white board dreaming- we knew we needed to offer this in an interactive way- a way we could all feel like we are dreaming together.

So this is happening:

We are leading a virtual online book club. In case you missed the word we said 100 times- LIVE. So be afraid.

And it won't be nearly as much fun unless you are a part. So grab a group of friends to join us and we will see how this crazy goes. You will be relieved to know that we have tech savvy friends Mark and David at Faith Gateway are helping us with all the Tech stuff (they were the ones making fun of us on the video- thank you men.)

We start Monday, March 3rd at 8:30 CST we will be coming to you live to answer questions, study your threads and dream with you. All you need to do is:

1.  Join Here by giving us your email. It is free. No one would pay for our crazy…we know.

2.  Get the book here  and Givingtons will give 5$ to IF:Gathering to send Rwandan women to college! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! BEST!!!

3.  Join my Facebook page where we will host your questions. And we will be using the hashtag #Restlessproject on Instagram and Twitter.

Go ahead and start reading Chapter 1-11 for March 3rd. They are short! Don’t panic and after that- the assignments will only be 1-2 chapters a week as we work on our threads. And if you don't know Jamie- she is one of my favorite friends and has many many claims to fame, but the most recent is her husband was the awesome worship leader at IF:Gathering. They are good friends of ours here in Austin.

Printable Journal Pages

If you bought the book on a digital reader- here is a gift for you! Print off the journal pages and you can fill them out and post pictures of them on my Facebook page. We will help you untangle your threads.


So let's start this party…. What keeps you from dreaming? Go ahead- we want you to CONVERSATE :) (Yep Spell Check doesn't like it Jamie.)Right here!

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