Restless Live: Week 1 Permission to Dream

Last night was so much fun! You were shared your guts out on Facebook and Twitter, our friend Jessica Honneger from Noonday popped in and talked about her dreams, and we got honest about the things that have held us back from dreaming and obeying.

We are so moved by the community we feel with you online.  Head over to hashtag #restlessproject or my Facebook page and you will be blown away reading the thoughts. I knew it would be cool to be live and interact- but I underestimated how meaningful the conversation would be.

Catch up here:

What if we took the pieces of our lives (no matter what the world says they are worth) and began to use them to help others flourish for the sake of Christ?

For next week, spend time in Chapter 12 identifying your gifts. Spend some time talking with family and close friends as you process what God has uniquely gifted you. Here is Jamie's notes for next week. If you downloaded the book on kindle- here is the download for your journal pages.


Be sure and take pictures and tag me on Facebook or Instagram with hashtag #RestlessProject.

So let's continue talking... what holds you back from dreaming?

Do you fight comparison?

Is it difficult to surrender to God and trust him with your future?

Actually talk about whatever you want!  We will be back next Monday. Jump in anytime and grab your friends- sign up here.