Restless Live: Week 2 Gifts

Friends- I am so moved by you. These two nights have really surprised us- your engagement and honesty and especially the way you are speaking into each other's lives.  One of my favorite tweets of the night:

YES! What has blown us away most- is the community that has formed around this. Truly blown away. If you missed last night, the video is below to catch up. We talked about gifts and how difficult it is sometimes to admit our strengths and for some it is an issue of just knowing what they are. And if you want to still jump in and join us- it is never too late. Invite your friends and sign up here.

Jamie and I were split up this week. We are in Colorado at my sister's guest ranch, Lost Valley. If you are looking for the most dreamy family vacation- seriously come here. We are in heaven.

My friend, Amena Brown processed her passions with us and Danielle from Corpus Christi, TX hopped on the stream and showed us all how it is done. She is living and moving in her passions and strengths in beautiful ways already. Here are Danielle's threads of Gifts.

Next week is going to be a tough one, but we promise it will be worth it.  Read through Chapter 13 on suffering and work to identify 3-5 passions that have been born from your dark places. Get your people and discuss how your pain may be able to help someone else.

Be sure and tag us on Facebook or Instagram with hashtag #RestlessProject with your photos of your threads of suffering this week. We will pull a few and process them with you next week.

Oh and come say hi over at Relevant today- writing about approval and my journey in just getting over it.

But this week in the comments share your gifts- what are they? What are you just good at and how might you dream with those gifts in new ways for others' good? 

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