Restless Project: People & Places

Writing over at Incourage today about Sarah and people (from Restless):

Sarah Henry sat on my bed and watched me pack for a trip. She was impatient that I was leaving. I was one of her only friends because she had recently moved to Austin. She wondered out loud if she would ever have friends like she had in college. I looked at her and said,

Quit waiting for people to pursue you. They won’t. Pursue them.”

Five years later outside of the ICU, while Sarah was facing death because of massive strokes, waiting rooms could not contain us all. Somewhere in the midst of three kids and a busy, full life over those years, she pursued. She asked great questions and risked vulnerable pieces of herself and spoke about her God to us. She loved well, and many, many people called Sarah friend.


It seems if the answer is yes – you are far from alone. Every one of us has people in our lives whom we need, and people who need us. Are we intentionally spending our time in those two categories? Or are we casually bumping up against each other with no real purpose to receive or give love?

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We are having such a great time with you on Monday nights. We have two more weeks. But it just keeps getting better and better. For those of you wanting to catch up here you go.

Next week we will tackle Chapter 16 & 17– Talking about our Passions and the leading of the Holy Spirit.  Write down your greatest passions.  Next to each one, jot down dreams and ways you could engage that passion.

Be sure and tag us on Facebook or Instagram with hashtag #RestlessProject with your photos of your passion threads. We will pull a few and process them with you next week.

But this week in the comments share about your people and places.

What are some of the places that you are in every single day?  

Who do you need? And who needs you?

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