Riding with God

My gut has has always been to lean into God's supreme sovereignty- the fact that He knows, the fact that He leads, the fact that He decides.  Partly because I love the feeling of being taken care of... I like the feeling of being led along... until I get led down dimly lit paths that are rough and seem to be approaching cliffs. The river is rushing in a sure direction and can not be stopped or controlled. But in the moments I sit with Him.... the moments I talk to Him... the moments I feel Him wrap me up.... I am ok. I know what that feels like for me. He is real and I know where to go and what to do and even how to go through it when it is time. And that brings peace... God's soverign will and leading brings peace to my life. The insane river feels peaceful.

Here is my question/questions... as I am writing about this right now in the book. Do you feel Him?  Do you sense Him leading you along?  How do you feel Him?  How does He speak to you?  I mean tell me exactly what it is like: A voice?  A presence? A feeling?  And how do you know it is real?  How do you know it is Him?

Jennie Allen14 Comments