Sky Writing

I sat across from a friend yesterday to talk about God and doubt. She pulled out written questions and thoughts, she had brought in a journal. Everything about this girl is real... she says what she feels with zero pretense. I was thrilled to get the afternoon with her and prayed that God would spiral our time into something eternal. As she glanced at her notes... she read her first question.

How do I know if I am hearing God?

I laughed because I had been wondering the same thing and loved that I was not alone.

I think the real question we were asking is....

Since God rarely writes in the do I know what is spiritual/ supernatural and what are just my own futile thoughts?

It is a question that demands knowing God and then digging in the invisible crevasses of our souls and scripture... trying to separate human from deity... no small task.

We did not walk away with a clear summary statement or the perfect verse to apply, tying it up with a bow.

But I do believe that if we are willing to do anything... to surrender everything... God gets a lot louder. He talks a lot to people like that and those people tend to know who is who.

For the eyes of the LORD range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are

fully committed to him. 2 Chron. 16:9

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