Craving Stability

I usually am one of those people that thinks stability is over-rated, a "road less traveled" kind of girl. I buy the crazy new coffee creamer like, white chocolate marshmallow- rather than my tried and true french vanilla. And why go work for an existing established church, when you can start one from scratch?

Since we have lived primarily on the roads less traveled, I find myself wondering about the well traveled interstate across the "yellow wood"?

Most reasonable adults choose the highway of stability.

We don't.

Let me give you some examples of our less traveled roads- just this weekend:

Things like we~

...rented our house out to strangers for the weekend... Austin has these huge music festivals and we live near to the venues- so we packed up our personal and fancy things and left 8 strangers a key to our home.

...both crashed our computers in the same 24 hours.... both from mysterious water damage, canceling our warranties.

...actually agreed this morning that the best punishment for our 9 year old son who has been back-talking was a hair cut... (he really likes his hair and looks like a skater while he is back talking.)

Stability, consistency, reliability, predictability... whatever you call it is just not our thing. And right now I am craving the highway... yet the swirly windy unpredictable back roads with no gas station in sight are my reality. So rather than pining for predictable highways, today I am going to drink a lot of coffee, get good at typing on my iphone, and look under my couches for strange objects revealing something about our unknown house guests. Oh and buy something to give my son a buzz....