Sticky Things



In about a minute, another school year will have passed, birthdays have all happened again and that means one more year down, in the acts of raising our children and living our lives.  I'm just now getting to my very favorite thing in every year- new year's resolutions... you say, "but Jennie it is almost March."  I've been busy.

The things I hope stick this year:

#1 Teach my girls to cook amazing food and wear cute aprons while we do it.

#2 Show up a lot more on the east side of town and make friends.

#3 Keep up with my laundry (people that know me- stop laughing now! I'm being vulnerable!)

#4 Quit being afraid.

#5 Celebrate including but not limited to:

family, good friends or new friends, discussing happy things and hard things, while sipping wine or sipping coffee and eating especially good food, while either laughing or crying, sprinkled with "thank you"s and if needed, "I'm sorry"s in the midst of great long conversations as we trudge through a year of tough ministry and rewarding ministry.

#6 In all things be present.  This will take disciplines like, not answering my phone, closing my computer no matter what I am doing, eye contact and ignoring many of the thoughts in my brain.

#7 Stay in love with my husband (while he is still so stinkin' hot.)

#8 Live crazy and grab every new experience we can- go places.

#9 Write a lot.

#10 Read a lot.

#11 Get our little boy.

#12 Know God better and look more like Him.

That's all I can think of right now.  I may have round two but I needed to do this before it was July.  What are (or were) some of yours?