Yes- this is our middle daughter at four on our roof.  Don't call CPS.  I don't exactly remember how she got up there but I remember clearly that she could not get down.  We waited while Daddy once again came home from work to save one of our children from certain death.  I do feed them and keep them from near death experiences most days....

But that day- she was stuck.  This theme seems to be recurring in my life.... stuck.  I feel it in my soul as I look in there and see the same struggles I have wrestled with since I was five!  And I feel it when I look in the eyes of most people.  Not everyone is stuck in majors... some people are just stuck in medium.  Stuck in being perfect.  Stuck in sadness.  Stuck in numb.  Stuck in pursuing stuff.  Stuck in measuring up.  Stuck at a desk. Stuck in their life stage.  Stuck in their house with toddlers.  Stuck in their house with nobody.  Stuck in comparing themselves.  Stuck in discontentment.  Stuck in something they don't even have a name for.  Stuck on facebook.  Stuck.  

This is what I am writing about right now.  And it is a theme for Biblestudy this fall.  So I need your input.  

Do you relate to the word stuck?  

What causes stuckness for you and those around you?  

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