Over the next few weeks I will be posting several interviews of godly women I deeply respect. I have not met a woman yet- who has not felt Stuck. Our desire is to open up the doors we keep closed and expose places we all struggle, because all of us believe these hurting or sinful spots are the places God wants to meet us. Today welcome my new friend, Fabs Harford.

I met Jennie Allen approximately a month ago. I'm pretty sure the first thing I ever said to her was: I feel like we're best friends already!


When she asked me to be a part of her blog I was humbled and excited. Then I saw the topic and everything inside of me kind of got all twisted and tangled. I just had an overwhelming urge to laugh. Not the sweet kind of laughter that makes everyone feel warm and fuzzy, but the manic kind of laughter that makes everyone feel super uncomfortable.

She asked me to share a place where I had been stuck and how God had met me in that place.

I get two choices when I'm faced with a question like that: the 'right' answer or the honest one. I know the right answer, but it's not the honest one. And I know that the honest answer isn't the right one.

The honest answer is the answer that makes me want to do the crazy laughing thing.

The right answer makes for a better blog post. In the right answer I'm supposed to be a testimony of the freedom and liberation of Jesus. I'm supposed to tell you that being 'stuck' is nothing more than a fond and distant memory.

But I'm pretty sure I've been 'stuck' for a lot of my life, and I'm fairly certain that I'm snuggled right in the middle of 'stuck' as I type these words.

Don't panic. I'm working through Jennie's study right now.

I guess sanctification is a little bit bumpier than I anticipated. Life is just different than I thought. It has so many places where a girl like me can end up stuck.

Right now, I'm stuck in circumstance. I'm tangled up in all the hard things that are happening, and somewhere inside of this mess, I'm getting lost.

You want to know the weirdest part about my tendency to get stuck? I'm kind of thankful for it. Again – wrong answer, but honest one.

I'm thankful that God's written so much 'stuck' into my story because, if there's one thing you learn getting stuck, it's the greatness of grace and the power of redemption.

I know how being stuck ends when you have a Savior as faithful as mine.

I’ve been stuck a million times, and I’ve been set free a million and one times. I’m stuck today, but I know my favorite part is yet to come: the part where I get delivered. Right here, in the middle of ‘stuck’, I feel pretty hopeful. He hasn’t left me yet, and I’m banking everything on the expectation that this is going to turn out just like He promised: me and Him and no more tears and no more ‘stuck’.

Sigh. Come Lord Jesus.

Fabienne Harford lives in Austin, Texas where she works on staff at The Austin Stone Community Church. You can find more thoughts from Fabs at Check out her recent articles on singleness on

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