We all have them. Each uniquely designed to be filled with the things that give us life... God, people, music and sleep and sometimes being alone. Zac and I tried to fill our tanks this week. We are nearly half way through our lives, and we still forget. We forget what it is we need when we are spent. And it matters, because we are both spent. But we tried to fill them by a beach and a pool, as my mom picked us up from the airport, she could see we weren't full, rested, tan like she thought.

There are seasons.... this is not a season of rest for us. I am not talking about how busy we are, I am talking about our souls and minds. They are both full and weighted with heavy. We wanted to laugh and relax and there was just no hope for our heavy little brains. 2011 is not the season of rest for the Allens. It is a season of change, of labor, of mission. We've always been ones to work hard and play hard. We will remember how to play and rest. It just didn't occur to us this trip. we did however sleep and eat and talk... it was not a wasted trip.

And thankfully rest and joy and peace and full tanks originate in God. And He doesn't just wait for us by beaches with no kids... He waits for us in living rooms with piles of clean laundry and little shoes spread out too. Thank goodness.

How do you fill up?

Jennie Allen8 Comments