The Brightest Light in Africa

Without further ado meet... Cooper Allen.  He is spectacular in every way. We are captivated by him. When you adopt a three and a half year old who has been raised in an orphanage they prepare you for the worst.

And then there is Cooper. He eats everything but green beans, sleeps through the night except for occasional heart wrenching moans, dances and drums a perfect beat, sings songs over and over again while he melts in your arms, spits out phrases in English like we've been together for a month, charms every soul he meets. Each of our hearts has fallen in love with him. Oh and yes he knocked his two front teeth out a couple days before we met him. Of course he did. He couldn't be absolutely perfect.... he is after all a three year old boy.

Jessica Taylor, our dear friend who is with us photographing, has been trying to download the most precious slide show to introduce our boy but it just will not download. I am getting scolded left and right for the lack of updates. So I relent... I can not withhold him any longer. We are absorbed here in the country and in our boy. Forgive our absence. More to come as soon as the African internet allows. We are alive and in love.